Protecting Athlete Rights Through Game Changing Brand Management

A new concept in brand management designed to protect the rights of youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes has been introduced by Teplitzky Management Group.

“It’s a new world for athletes”!  The value of youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes efforts being recognized at every level. The goal at TMG is to ensure these young athletes have proper representation and management as they move forward.” stated Jake Teplitzky, Founder and Managing member of the group.

Historically, the NCAA has profited from collegiate athletes’ names images, and likenesses without any form of compensation. That is all changing. As of July 1, 2021, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and New Mexico will introduce State laws permitting student athletes to seek endorsement and sponsorship opportunities and to capitalize on marketing promotions.

Teplitzky Management Group works to educate athletes to help them make informed decisions regarding their future. TMG has positioned itself in a prime position to build a strong roster full of colligate talent, including University of Miami Guard, Endia Banks. TMG has also engaged with various brands in preparation for the July 1 start date.

The group is guided through the professional and experienced Advisory Board members including:

  • David Beckerman, Starter
  • Vin Baker, Milwaukee Bucks
  • Ashley Blume, Haddad Brands
  • Stacey Gersten, Burns Entertainment
  • Marcy Silverman, Silverman Group
  • Jeffrey Teplitzky, Teplitzky & Company


The value of having a strong team of experienced leaders in the sports and marketing industry provides the necessary foundation to support the clients.

Teplitzky adds, “The future of athletes at all levels has never looked brighter.”

For more information, please contact Jake Teplitzky 203 974-2761